Promo (2009) (FREE)

by Impurity

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released January 21, 2009

Damian Scott - Vocals
Jeremy Caldwell - Guitars
Justin Wood - Drums
James Mercer - Bass
Ken Hayward - Guitars



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Impurity Gainesville, Florida

Impurity was formed in October of 1998 by Damian Scott and Andrew Thorkildson.

The band has released several recordings under different labels.

The band remains active to this day.

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Track Name: Carnal Bane
Throw your cry 'pon the whistling wind
You, in whose grace none can solace find
With hilt in hand and clench'd fist
Stand tall amidst your butchered swine

With sinister aim and abated restraint
'Neath rivers of ash, from tempestuous flame
Bereft of love for mortal life
Your wrath brought true the boded signs
In blood and war your passion flows
Your plot for death shall this night unfold

Don your plate with tautened rope
Draw out the sword that slew your foes
Dissever the arrogance which grows
In vile protrude o'er their collar bones
Track Name: From Battle To Legend
There stood they in unbroken brigade
Fearful, careworn, yet with fervor unswayed
With allegiance differing, yet as fighters akin
Two armies opposing, but neither shall win

Advancing up high and barely in view
An ill-boding force in severity grew
With a violent wind and tendrilous clouds
From the throat of the storm came a terrible sound
As nearer it drew, now plain to the eye
An insectile swarm effused from the sky
Not known to this world; with evil imbued
A pestilent blast descended in slew

The legions erupted in perilous cries
And turned on themselves in rabid collide
Writhing and screaming in chaotic resound
Weapons and armor soon littered the ground

Receding in score, and joining in streams
This turbulent mass formed a horrible beast
A gargantuan fiend with a hunger for blood
Swallowing draught from a vascular flood
Track Name: The Tundra
Whirling columns of hail and sleet
This natural might bestows its pain
Traversing frozen lakes and mountainous terrain
My goal escapes me
This numbing cold to blame

No more is man my enemy
Nor is glory my concern
As my bones freeze from underneath
These layers of hide and fleece
No longer protecting me

Blizzards have broken me
I no longer have the strength
To withstand the fray
No driving will remains
This numbing cold to blame

I am standing frozen
The tundra opens in the fore
Countless have I conquered
But I shall fight no more

Blizzards have broken me
The tundra sets me free
Unwillingly, I am standing frozen
And I shall fight no more