Unearthly Affinity (2003) (FREE)

by Impurity

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released January 1, 2003

Damian Scott - Guitars
Josh Townsend - Bass
Andrew Thorkildson - Drums
Ed Makowske - Vocals



all rights reserved


Impurity Gainesville, Florida

Impurity was formed in October of 1998 by Damian Scott and Andrew Thorkildson.

The band has released several recordings under different labels.

The band remains active to this day.

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Track Name: Unearthly Affinity
[the battle rages]

Sorcery blinding an aggressing army
A torrent of arrows rains from above
Their barbed tips, a deep-set gladiolus grip
Souls ascending and piercing a sunless sky

[a ferocious demon is summoned]

In the wake of the missile storm
A mighty demon takes its form
Exhalation, seething wind burns the air
Thousands choke in the wreathing tempest

[depiction of evil

]An embodiment of anger, rage, and hatred
Born of a wrath foreign to the minds of men
The personification of vehemence
Who the better to capture their worthless souls?

[an army is annihilated]

Fleeing thousands lessened to a mass of inanimate flesh
Unearthly fury cast upon the hearts of the living
Ecstasy in death, mass of bodies twisting, turning
Pumping estuary of bloodied ichor carves the earth
Track Name: Summoning the Swarm
[the wanderers]

Fifty trod the rolling hills tired, pale and weakened
Their strides swift and short - Nourishment is all but gone

[the journey]

Greed to conquer newfound lands
Words of comfort shakily spoken
Blistered bodies struggling through uncharted realms
Unprepared, thirst now clouds their foolish minds

[onset, part I - the advance]

Masses approach in the distance
All horizons lined with doom
Slowly ground is densely covered
By marching beasts and shrieking ghouls

[depiction of horror]

Towering death, six-armed beasts stand tall and fierce
Grinning mouths wide, human heads adorn their necks
Scattered manes flow, weapons grasped in every hand
Eyes ablaze, insane with rage their paths are wrecked

[onset, part II - the attack]
Huddled flock of meat -
Wading in their own feces
Nutriment for bestial lust -
Drinking blood and chewing guts
Commencement of the feast -
Pathetic herd of crying sheep
Onset of the incubus
Slaughtering the weak;
Infantile humans crushed
Immortal beings unleashed -
Screaming victims turned to dust
Track Name: The Awakening of Kumbhakarna
[demons sent to awaken the giant]

Gathered hordes bear feast at the cavern entrance
Raw flesh dragged in heaps to the sleeping titan
Throng of demons stream into the opening
Brood surrounds the slumbering, sullen King

[ritualistic offerings/the chanting

]Human meat piled high, banshees flock from the sky
Offerings gather mass, all to appease his wrath
Silence now rules the shrine, legions kneel and pass the time
"Stench of death from flesh arise, Lord of rage open your eyes!"


Mortal realm swallowed by unholy pride
Trampled land, heathen tongue leaves oceans dry
"Lord of battles, rise to hear your army's cry
Kumbhakarna, your enemies have come to die"
The awakening (of Kumbhakarna)

[the beast rises from his slumber]

Spirits, souls, apparitions, writhing
Screaming ghouls, to his will abiding
Banshees wail, anger boils inside Him
Frenzied hate, Kumbhakarna rising
Track Name: Masked In Bloodfall

Crimson sky looms above dead kingdoms
Foul rain drenches crumbling towers
Wreckage piled on battlefield soil
Evaporated blood pools gouge the ground

[two armies meet]

Faceless armies opposite the legions of the trinity
Unborn villains uprising to conquer reigning deities

[the offensive, scene one : conjuration]

Fucked congregation dethroned for their replacements
Burnt tendons harden - rigor mortis pre-mortem
Numb to the flesh that encases their bodies
Impotent prayers as they feel themselves rotting

[the offensive, scene two : the infantry attacks]

Deafening war calls -
Blinding torrents from the clouds
Gurgling throats mauled -
Collecting severed heads and skulls
Ancestral heaving -
Burning fiends rip from the earth
Raped by demons -
Molested bodies snapped in half
Masked in bloodfall (x2)


Dynasties clash on the war-ground
Weathered hammers meet their mark
Smeared flesh steams from the earth
Disease cured by smashing blows
Track Name: End of Ages
[scenery/opening of the portal]

An abandoned earth serves as host to ruin
Sempiternal land now faces the final event
A gray land succumbs to an eldritch force
In the endless sky opens the juggernaut storm

[entry of the death-dealer]

A tired battle laid to rest
The few that stand-powerless
As Kalki grants one final breath

[culling the herd]

Chaotic hordes slaughtered by the conqueror's sword
None left to mourn-vanquished by the dreaded lord
Ornament adorned,a giant of the ancient lore
A final swell ends the war;the earth is no more

[implosion of the earth/exit of the death-dealer]

Lingering stench;annihilation's foul scent
A sea of regret forever lost to the end of ages